An encouraging trail camera photo.

Using Trail Cameras

Every year throughout late July and the entire month of August I begin seeing all sorts of trail camera photos on social media outlets. Everyone proclaims this buck or that buck is More »

A nice velvet buck we were able to get a picture of.

Scouting the Desert

I’ll admit up front, I wasn’t in the desert, but it sure seemed like it in this new unit I will be calling home for a week in October. I was fortunate More »

Clark Fork trout and guide Clayton.

Montana – Three rivers in three days

   I don’t have a bucket list but one of the things I wanted to do was before the horseback ride to the lodge became an obstacle was to repeat the St. More »

Red and White, the flyfisherman's Daredevil.

In Praise of Pickerel

According to most fly fishers: “If it ain’t got an adipose fin than it ain’t worth fishing for”. Fish belonging to the Salmonidae family, trout, salmon, chars, whitefish and graylings, all of More »


Not All Structure Is Created Equally

Structure is a broad term that refers to any inconsistency to the general layout of a body of water. Just about everyone knows how important structure is; especially crappie fishermen! Knowing how More »

Ryan Schmidt, Vail Colorado

Rocky Mountain High…on the flats

My cell phone rang on July 4th and it was Celia from Firstline Fishinig in Chatham, MA. She said “hey Capt. I got a tough one for ya”. Since I book many More »

The Author and his two daughters having fun chasing turkeys on Vermont's youth weekend.

Turkey Chronicles 2014

What a turkey season!!!!! I was blessed with a great spring turkey season for 2014. It started with Vermont youth weekend hunting with my two daughters, Sydney (age 12) and Whitney (age More »

Old Ugly on the water…"Hey Lane the boat ain't to pretty either!"

Old Ugly

Well here I sit once again at this dam computer. Dad would get a big kick out me fighting with this thing. I really hate these blasted things. As I start this More »

Drifting the Ossipee


For many years I have made my home on Ossipee Lake in Freedom, New Hampshire. Ossipee Lake is the headwaters of one of New Hampshire’s prettiest rivers: the Ossipee River. Despite the fact that the river is less than a mile away from my front door I have not fished the Ossipee in many years.

Burned By Cinder Worms

Danny O'Brien age 13 Portland OR first fly caught striper.

As I stepped outside my door on August 20th I noticed one thing, no wind. Not a stitch of a breeze as my American Flag lay still in the early morning hours. Cool! This is going to be a great morning, as the temps were in the mid fifties and zero humidity. It felt like

Classic Sporting Rifles Edited by Terry Wieland


Classic Sporting Rifles, by the publishers of Gun Digest, serves as an excellent companion piece to last month’s selection published by Field & Stream. With bear season already underway, and numerous deer hunters afield scouting potential sites for November’s deer hunt, some background reading on great hunting rifles is clearly in order. First published in


Field & Stream’s The Total Gun Manual By David E. Petzal and Phil Bourjaily Weldon Owen, 2012 $27.00 ISBN: 978-1-61628-219-6 The Total Gun Manual is the second of Field & Stream magazine’s comprehensive series of outdoor manuals reviewed here this year. For any hunter or shooter, this is the best single volume to deal with

2nd and 3rd axis

This is the Hamskea 3rd axis tool i mentioned.  In my opinion it is worthy of owning at a decent price point

Prior to three years ago I had no idea what 2nd and 3rd axis on a bow sight was. When someone first told me about it I thought to myself, “like that matters”. Well, I’m here to tell you that it does matter and becomes especially important when you’re shooting at any angle opposite of

Uphill Both Ways

Admiring the view, and one of the few downhill sections of trail.

I have never had the opportunity to drive a Porsche, but I can now say that I have pushed a dead one down the road, at a run in 90 plus degrees, no less. We pulled into my parent’s marina (former marina, that is. They had since departed, headed south. I was there to pick