2014 advertising rates for digital issues:

Ad SizeLocationMonty RateYearly Rate
450 p wide x 450p H (max)In article body$5.00$50


2014 advertising rates for website:

Our ad block/web-square areas feature up to four ads that display at random, Unless you purchase to one of one option then your ad will show 100% of the time.

Ad SizeDimensionsCost
Square200 pixels x 200 pixels (.jpg)$200/year or $20/month
1of 4 grouping will be $75/year or $10/month
Top Banner468 pixels x 60 pixels (.jpg)$400/year or $40/month
1 of 2- $250/year or $25/month
Middle Banners468 pixels x 60 Pixels (.jpg)$ 300/year or $30/momth
1 of 2 - $175/year or $20/month
1of 4 - $100/year or $10/month
Bottom Banner468 pixels x 60 pixels (.jpg)$200/year or $20/month
Business Square200 pixels x 200 pixels (.jpg) on "Business Directory" page only$ 75 / year or $10 month

We accept JPG files at a resolution of  72dpi for web ads. Images must be saved at the correct dimensions.

Billing Options:

Customized ad frequencies and packages available to fit your needs.

Special pricing for non-profit, outdoor related, organizations.

For more information about advertising contact Fred Allard at 802-738-6755 or email –

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