A Waterfowler’s Perspective

by Brian Bouchard

To Late to Turn Back No

Black Duck mount done by Top of the Knoll Taxidermy - Steve Bushey

Brian goes solo!

The Preparation for Opening Day


Yes it’s that time of year again. These weeks leading up to opening day are a magical time of year. The anticipation builds as the texts and water cooler conversations seem to be more about what opportunities this upcoming hunting season will offer and less about summer vacation, wedding photos and digs about your buddy’s

Decoy Rejuvination Program

Decoys in need of new life

So if you’re like me you’re probably finding yourself scanning for duck hunting shows on TV or re-watching the ones on your DVR for a third time. Maybe you’re disciplined enough to actually be outside honing in your duck & goose calling skills, nah probably not. If you’re like me you are going completely bonkers