Costal Zone

by Captain John Curry

Snook Haven

Keith Scott-Port Charlotte FL

September 17th, 2014 started very early. I woke about 3:30 am to prepare for the long day. The boat was already hooked to the truck all of my fishing gear was secured and I had a big ole steamy cup of coffee in my hand as I started up the GM 2500 HD. Problem is

Burned By Cinder Worms

Danny O'Brien age 13 Portland OR first fly caught striper.

As I stepped outside my door on August 20th I noticed one thing, no wind. Not a stitch of a breeze as my American Flag lay still in the early morning hours. Cool! This is going to be a great morning, as the temps were in the mid fifties and zero humidity. It felt like

Rocky Mountain High…on the flats

Ryan Schmidt, Vail Colorado

My cell phone rang on July 4th and it was Celia from Firstline Fishinig in Chatham, MA. She said “hey Capt. I got a tough one for ya”. Since I book many charters out of her shop I said “bring it on”. She explained that she had a client who was interested in fly fishing

Rockfish on Cape Cod Bay

Coastal Zone Pesky Pole Strikes Again

Anyone who has fished for striped bass from Maryland to North Carolina knows they go by one name; Rockfish.  Sounds kinda crazy for us cape Cod fisherman as we catch stripers in mainly sandy fast moving waters.  Of course we do find them along rocky shorelines, but Cape Cod doesn’t offer too much of that

Walk a mile in my flip flops

fat buzz bay striper= Bill from upstate NY with his largest striper

I’m often told that I have the ultimate job being a charter captain.  I have to agree with my clients who mention this to me. I often think to myself if they only knew what goes into a day in the life of a light tackle guide, they might have different thoughts.  I know what

Wrangling Surf Donkeys

The author unhooking another "surf donkey"

The Author and his brother catch some hard fighting jacks! The video shows how hard these fish can Pull!