Costal Zone

by Captain John Curry

In Search of the Perfect Rod

The Authors new "Pesky Pole" branded custom spinning rods.

  If you’re like me you have a garage full of fishing rods.  From spinning to fly rods I have just about every type of rod made in the last 20 years.  I’ll admit it’s a borderline addiction and let’s just say I’m real glad that I’m not a serious golfer also.  You guys know

Winter Trout


  The weather forecast called for a cold front to move into the area and last at least three days.  This meant one thing; the trout should be ready to feed as soon as the breeze slowed down and the water cleared up.  I called my buddy Gary Shover who had just moved to a

Best Ham Sandwich Ever


This recipe can be difficult to master in today’s busy world so pay close attention to the ingredients and you just may find it will be the best sandwich you have had in years.  Now you must be saying to yourself, how hard is it to master a ham sandwich?  Well I can tell you

Species Spotlight: False Albacore


It’s around 2:30pm on September 18th, 2013 and I’m just loading the Pesky Pole on the trailer after another successful day of fishing the flats of Buzzards Bay.  After the handshakes and high fives from my clients at the marina I noticed my buddy and fellow guide Terry Nugent was launching his big Contender.  I

Tournament Time

Day two weigh - in

The competitive nature of fishing is no more prevalent than at tourney time.  With many tournaments being held all over New England it’s not hard to spend a ton of time and money participating in as many as you like.  My guiding schedule doesn’t ease up until the mid July early August time frame so