D&B Ice Adventures

by Dylan Smith & Bobby Booth

Not All Structure Is Created Equally


Structure is a broad term that refers to any inconsistency to the general layout of a body of water. Just about everyone knows how important structure is; especially crappie fishermen! Knowing how to correctly select and then approach it can make a bad day, good and a good day, great. We consider there to be

The Night Bite Is The Right Bite


No matter the fishermen or target species, there will be arguments about what environmental factors effect fish the most. This past winter, we struggled to put fish on the ice during the different moon phases. Mainly, a few days before and after the full moon. This lack of consistency in a daytime bite lead us

Timing Is Everything


  As we roll into the spring and summer fishing season, it is hard not to mention the benefit of knowing what’s happening in the world of the fish. Water temperatures slowly begin to warm triggering two major events in a fish’s life; their spawn and their post spawn rituals. If you are able to

Spring Bullhead Fun


Dylan and Bobby share secrets on catching spring bullhead.

Cusking at Night

Dylan Smith checks an after sunset flag.

Our last article talked about extending time on the water, so just before trout season closed, cusk, ling, burbot, whatever you want to call them, got the cross hairs put on them for a late night trip. We grabbed a dozen live shiners and two dozen that had been rotting outside for a little two

Expanding Your Time On The Water


   When life gets busy, your time on the water doesn’t always have to suffer. We are fortunate enough to spend an ample amount of time on the water but as families grow and adult responsibilities increase, some sacrifices have had to been made. Through our adventures, we have stumbled across some great locations and