Family Tracks

by Brian Lang

Uphill Both Ways

Admiring the view, and one of the few downhill sections of trail.

I have never had the opportunity to drive a Porsche, but I can now say that I have pushed a dead one down the road, at a run in 90 plus degrees, no less. We pulled into my parent’s marina (former marina, that is. They had since departed, headed south. I was there to pick

On The Wild Side

Ben nets his first wild trout

I have had the net since I was a teenager. When it was new, it looked like it could be a finely crafted piece of equipment. But now it is showing it’s age and inferior quality with its decaying finish and separating layers of laminated wood. It is still perfectly functional though, and I told

Gun School

Lesson's for life-Meg and Ben learn to safely handle and shoot a gun.

Brian spends some fun, quality time with his children. He has some great ideas on teaching children gun safety with out breaking the bank.

One per boat, and a Boat for All

Ben, "surfing" on his new boat and giving independence to the whole family.

 Kayaks weren’t always part of my family. I grew up in canoes, and felt there were no other craft worthy of being powered with a paddle. Then, on one critical first outing with Michelle, my then wife-to-be, we had a particularly challenging voyage in the canoe. It ended ok with everyone safe in the end,

Being Still

Family tracks Featured Image

The blind was situated in an area with heavy deer activity. This was not determined by reading the sign or by studying the results of several carefully placed trail cameras, but by the reports my Dad gave me through his living room window. Deer were constantly munching on his grass and bushes, at times approaching

Family Tracks – Meet Outdoor Gazette Columnist, Brian Lang


Brian Lang grew up in a log cabin in VT with only a woodstove for heat. When not helping his Dad cut wood in the summer (which was a lot!), he could be found with a fishing rod at the pond on their property, or exploring the nearby woods. He was an avid reader of