Fish and Wildlife Management

by Wayne Laroche

Expect the Whitetail Rut to Earlier Than Last Year

The author, Wayne Laroche, with 190 lb buck taken in Maine on Nov.11, 2013

  Expect the rut to be early this year beginning about October 30th and ending about November 21st. Last year, I predicted timing of the rut to be November 10th to December 1st. I have been predicting the timing of the whitetail rut for the past 15 years with my predictions being printed each year

Cormorant Control Showing Results on Lake Champlain

Cormorants perched on dead trees. The birds strip the vegetation to build nests.

The Lake Champlain and Wildlife Management Cooperative made up of Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, New York DEC and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced in early June that work was underway to manage the double crested cormorant population on Lake Champlain. Assisted in the field by staff from U.S. Department of Agriculture’s


A three point APR would mean a noticeable increase in the number of 3 1/2 Age bukcs at Vermont weigh stations.

Last month I explained how in 2005 Vermont enacted a forked antler point restriction (APR) for white-tailed deerfollowing a century of hunting under a three inch spike APR. The spike APR along with high harvest rates caused Vermont’s buck population age structure to be perennially skewed in favor of younger, smaller bucks. In the years


Barn in Lamoille Co., Vermont with Typical Pre-APR Antlers Displayed.

The title says it all! Hear what Wayne has to say about Vermont’s APR (Antler Point Restriction) program.

Buck to Doe Ratio: Why the Differences of Opinion?


Whitetail hunters generally have an opinion concerning about buck to doe ratio. I have found by questioning hunters their opinions generally result from their personal observations of deer. They recognize deer with visible antlers as bucks and often consider all other deer to be does. Being moderately opinionated myself, I am not at all surprised