From the Back of a Canoe

by Jim Norton

Idaho – Fishing the St Joe’s

Gerry fishing about a mile up river from the lodge

    This is the second part of our August trip to Montana and Idaho; the first part is in the September column Montana – Three Rivers in Three Days. In 2011 a friend, my wife Barb and I made our first trip to the St Joe’s Lodge in the Panhandle National Forest. This

Montana – Three rivers in three days

Clark Fork trout and guide Clayton.

   I don’t have a bucket list but one of the things I wanted to do was before the horseback ride to the lodge became an obstacle was to repeat the St. Joe’s Lodge trip in Idaho. Since 2000 I’ve made six trips to fish parts of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah. There are so

Days of Summer

Fishing the HEX hatch at dusk

Somehow time slipped away and it’s the end of July. Every year is different and so far the rivers have been holding up better than the past several years. We have not had an extended heat wave; some years we have several. Every week or so we’ve had enough rain to keep the rivers refreshed.

Rivers of Rocks

Broodstock Atlantic salmon on the Pemi

I seldom drive through the notches or anywhere else in the state without noticing the scenery. We had a family out fishing on Father’s Day and it wasn’t until I looked at the pictures that I noticed the rocks. It’s kind of like the saying you can’t see the forest because of the trees. There

Logic – a systematic way of going wrong with confidence

A typical stretch of New Hampshire's Mascoma River

One of the things we always cover with students in our Northeast Fly Fishing Classes is the importance of checking river flows and knowing the conditions before heading out to fish and worse case driving hours or several hundred miles only to find the river flooded and unfishable. A friend was scheduled to leave for



Mystery, Murder, Fly Fishing…It’s all here in this month’s “From the Back of a Canoe”