Life at High Altitude

by Cody Covey

Scouting the Desert

A nice velvet buck we were able to get a picture of.

I’ll admit up front, I wasn’t in the desert, but it sure seemed like it in this new unit I will be calling home for a week in October. I was fortunate enough to draw a deer tag in a good unit in Colorado and will be hunting with some good friends, husband and wife,

2nd and 3rd axis

This is the Hamskea 3rd axis tool i mentioned.  In my opinion it is worthy of owning at a decent price point

Prior to three years ago I had no idea what 2nd and 3rd axis on a bow sight was. When someone first told me about it I thought to myself, “like that matters”. Well, I’m here to tell you that it does matter and becomes especially important when you’re shooting at any angle opposite of

I think it’s that way!?


It seems with all the new technology advances that happen from year to year, getting from place A to B is nothing more than pressing a couple buttons and listening to a Siri like voice spoon feed you your next move. Hand held GPS units, Cell phones, and google maps make the outdoorsman’s life a

Merino Wool, material of the future.

This is a merino top (also wearing the bottoms) made by The Kryptek Outdoor Group.  It was chilly that morning and we went 5 miles.  I never added a layer until we sat down to glass.

The Author shares opinion and experience about/with Merino Wool.

Interview with Willi Schmidt – Host of “Pure Hunting”

life at high feature pic

Interview with Willi Schmidt, host for Pure Hunting CC- Willi, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself? WS- I’m a Colorado native, I grew up in Fort Collins.  My dad was a wildlife biologist at Colorado State University and he is where I got my passion from for the outdoors.  Note: Willi is

Big bucks and broken dreams

Nothing like a good selfie to pass the time.

I just returned from my favorite hunt of the year.  This hunt brings me back to my roots when I first started hunting whitetail deer in the Vermont woods.  My father, brother, and I meet in Kansas every November to chase rutting bucks through the creek bottoms they call home.  I have been very fortunate