New England and Beyond

Green Mountain Tick Repellent: Vermont Company Has the Answer


All of us who spend any amount of time outdoors are sooner or later going to encounter the bane of all outdoor activities: the tick. Here in New England we all fear the deer tick and for good reason. Ticks can potentially carry diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (mainly out west) and Lyme

Take Care of Your Firearm and It Will Take Care of You

One of my hunting buddies, Mark, cleaning the barrel of his shotgun.

Firearms were used by our ancestors to put food on the table and for defense. Many of us use them for that purpose today. One thing our ancestors knew, and something some people today have forgotten, is the importance of keeping your firearm clean and ready for use. If not well maintained, your rifle or

Muskie Fishing at Cave Run Lake in Kentucky


My adventure started about six months ago. Other business was taking me to Kentucky at the end of June, so I figured I would try to get some fishing in while I was there. My base of operations while in northeastern Kentucky was Blue Lick’s Battlefield State Resort Park in the town of Carlisle. About

My Hunt for Big Fish on the Camelot

Chris Hudson preparing-lines

I pen this article while sitting on the lanai of my room at the Royal Kona Resort, my home away from home during my stay here in the Kailua-Kona area of the Big Island of Hawai’i.  With a cold Longboard ale in one hand and a pen in the other, I review the morning’s events

Survival 101: It All Boils Down to Common Sense


  Literally, hundreds of articles are written every year, as well as a number of television programs, devoted to the act of survival.  Most of these articles put the reader in obscure locations and in situations that very few of us will ever find ourselves in.  They also try to make the act of survival

A Day at Grouse Camp


Our semi-annual get together was scheduled.  The reservations at a nearby for a cabin at a campground in North Haverhill, New Hampshire had been made and Stan, Mark, Rene and I were all set to leave early on Thursday morning.  Our goal was to hunt in New Hampshire and Vermont for three days.  As with