Outdoors with Anita

by Anita Williams

Walleye fertilization at Little Cut Foot Sioux


Winter is long in northern Minnesota, although some things magically happen that signal the dawn of a new spring.  The crocus blooms, the ice goes off the lake, and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) begins their egg-taking and fish hatchery operation to stock many of the ten thousand lakes.   It is special to

Outdoors with Anita – Meet Outdoor Gazette Columnist, Anita Williams


Anita lives in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and is the mother of two adult children.  She has been a hairstylist for thirty years.  Her empty nest allows the time to pursue interests of bow hunting, fishing, adventure travel, and photography. Her parents were farmers and she grew up with four brothers and three sisters.  They lived

Buck of a Lifetime

Anita Williams

As an oak leaf spins in the breeze and twirls to the ground it finds it’s resting place in newly fallen snow. My chest expands with cold air as I grab the black metal ladder and climb. I buckle a strap around the oak trunk and give a tug. Tethered to the tree, I lean

Catching Cats on the Red River

The Author and a 13-lb Red River Cat

Latte-colored water ripples as Jon eases the boat into the Red River.  Jon has experience fishing here and tells me the river is known to produce large catfish.  Our mission today is to catch catfish, but in order to catch these shy fish; we must first catch some bait.  Catfish are led by their sense

Lazy Days of Summer

The author holding a nice Minnesota Crappie, destined for the dinner table.

Five dozen tails flip anxiously in the gold and white minnow bucket.  I am hungry for fish and hope to catch a few crappies and walleyes to satisfy that longing for fresh, flakey white filets.  I step into the boat and settle in the bow while my guide hands a life jacket to me and

A New Beginning

Outdoors w Anita- fawn

The glistening black nose twitches, as the rest of the small creature lay motionless.  The newborn fawn is wet from the miracle of birth.  Green wisps gently sway providing a grassy hiding spot for him.  About the size of a loaf of bread, this young deer is reddish-brown.  White spots speckle across his back and