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Using Trail Cameras

An encouraging trail camera photo.

Every year throughout late July and the entire month of August I begin seeing all sorts of trail camera photos on social media outlets. Everyone proclaims this buck or that buck is on the hit list. They name the bucks and predict what day the buck will become an addition to their trophy rooms. While

Defeating Target Panic

This is the release that Ed Dufour handed to me in the mid 90s. It saved my archery career and launched me into an arena I never imagined being in.

Summer is bearing down on us now. The canopy is dense and the world is encased in green. It seems like hunting season is far off, but after looking at the calendar you’ll realize that in most cases archery season across New England is only about a hundred days away. Throughout my adventures over the

Similarities Between Tournament Archery and Hunting

My buddy Bobby Kendall concentrated 100% on making a good shot on this 200' whitetail. The last thing he remembers is the sight pin on the chest of the deer and the arrow hitting there a few seconds  later.

I casually walked from the check-in tent to the first stake. In a few minutes I would be launching my first arrow of the annual Midwest Classic in Bedford, Indiana, which is the first leg of the IBO National Triple Crown. Competitors have three days to shoot a 40-target course of 3D targets and the

Making the Shot

Here's the buck I arrowed after gaining my composer and executing a perfect shot.

The author overcomes the “jitters” to make a perfect shot!

Plenty to do in the Spring

Dave Williams shows off one of his beautiful Adirondack brook trout.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but this winter seems like it hasn’t wanted to let go. It seems as if we haven’t experienced a break since late November.  Looking back at my hunting journal I can see that I was recording below zero temperatures in it the last week of November up until the