Riverbank Tales

by Bill Thompson

Finding Solitude


This time of year I spend a lot of my fishing time on the smaller streams. We are fortunate to have several smaller streams in the Valley, where it is possible to take refuge from the madding crowd. Fortunately these places are largely over looked by those looking to party in the outdoors rather than

Drifting the Ossipee


For many years I have made my home on Ossipee Lake in Freedom, New Hampshire. Ossipee Lake is the headwaters of one of New Hampshire’s prettiest rivers: the Ossipee River. Despite the fact that the river is less than a mile away from my front door I have not fished the Ossipee in many years.

In Praise of Pickerel

Red and White, the flyfisherman's Daredevil.

According to most fly fishers: “If it ain’t got an adipose fin than it ain’t worth fishing for”. Fish belonging to the Salmonidae family, trout, salmon, chars, whitefish and graylings, all of whom have an adipose fin, are by far the preferred target of most fly fishermen. Other species of fish, notably those of the

June the Best Fishing of the Year


There is no way around it, as hard as we try to rush it the best time of year to fish the Saco is in June. This year is no exception. In a column I write for our local paper I fearlessly predicted that we would have good fishing in the Saco by the 17th

A Few of My Favorite Ponds


Bill Thompson shares some of his favorite spring trout ponds.

Shop Dog

RB tales feature

Not long ago I was at a conclave for fly shop owners. One evening, before dinner, I was enjoying a beer and conversing with several other shop owners. The topic of conversation was all about our shop dogs. If you have a fly shop it is a prerequisite that you must have an in-house shop