Riverbank Tales

by Bill Thompson

The Year End Review


      It is that time of year again when we reflect on the past year and begin to look forward to the coming one. All and all 2013 came in on the plus side. We were fortunate to have had some wonderful fishing adventures this year, visiting many of our favorite fishing venues

Articulated Flies


Articulated   adj.   Built in sections that are hinged or otherwise connected so as to allow flexibility of movement.     When you talk streamer fishing to a Yankee fly fisher the flies that readily come to mind are patterns like the Gray Ghost, Mickey Finn, Edison Tiger or the Barn’s Special. Today these flies are becoming

The Orvis Company


In the annals of fly fishing there is no other company with the name recognition of Orvis. Most fly anglers can tell you that the Orvis flagship store and rod factory are located in Manchester, Vermont. The Orvis Company has been providing quality fly tackle to fly fishermen since 1856. Unlike some of the old