Stick and String

by Fred Allard

Bone Soup

Bone soup

I have a good friend that worked for the Black Widow Bow company in Nixa Missouri. Vern Blitch and his wife Rebecca, lived in Vermont for a short stint before moving to the “Show Me State”. Me and my huntin’ buddies have been to southwest Missouri to hunt with the Blitchs, oh probably 4 or

Life Lesson

Special thanks to Vermont Game Warden Donald Gregory for showing me the path to becoming a better sportsman.

“What do you want, a lesson on prime fisher?” We’ll come back to that later. I went to Oxbow High School in Bradford, Vermont. Graduated in 1982. I learned a lot of life lessons in those days. The most profound outdoors schooling I received came from our local game warden, Donald Gregory. I was 16