Take Care of Your Firearm and It Will Take Care of You

One of my hunting buddies, Mark, cleaning the barrel of his shotgun.

Firearms were used by our ancestors to put food on the table and for defense. Many of us use them for that purpose today. One thing our ancestors knew, and something some people today have forgotten, is the importance of keeping your firearm clean and ready for use. If not well maintained, your rifle or

Finding Solitude


This time of year I spend a lot of my fishing time on the smaller streams. We are fortunate to have several smaller streams in the Valley, where it is possible to take refuge from the madding crowd. Fortunately these places are largely over looked by those looking to party in the outdoors rather than

Idaho – Fishing the St Joe’s

Gerry fishing about a mile up river from the lodge

    This is the second part of our August trip to Montana and Idaho; the first part is in the September column Montana – Three Rivers in Three Days. In 2011 a friend, my wife Barb and I made our first trip to the St Joe’s Lodge www.stjoeoutfitters.com/lodge.html in the Panhandle National Forest. This

Snook Haven

Keith Scott-Port Charlotte FL

September 17th, 2014 started very early. I woke about 3:30 am to prepare for the long day. The boat was already hooked to the truck all of my fishing gear was secured and I had a big ole steamy cup of coffee in my hand as I started up the GM 2500 HD. Problem is

Using Trail Cameras

An encouraging trail camera photo.

Every year throughout late July and the entire month of August I begin seeing all sorts of trail camera photos on social media outlets. Everyone proclaims this buck or that buck is on the hit list. They name the bucks and predict what day the buck will become an addition to their trophy rooms. While

Scouting the Desert

A nice velvet buck we were able to get a picture of.

I’ll admit up front, I wasn’t in the desert, but it sure seemed like it in this new unit I will be calling home for a week in October. I was fortunate enough to draw a deer tag in a good unit in Colorado and will be hunting with some good friends, husband and wife,