Trail Camera Photo Contest

Sponsored by Chadwick’s Trail Cams

Send in your trail camera pics, and for every picture that is published in The Outdoor Gazette you will get one chance to win one of three Trail Cameras.

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or email your photos to with the subject “Trail Camera Photo Contest” for a chance to appear on this page! Don’t forget to tell us who you are where your from and where the pic was taken. Please be  specific about what you want written in the gazette as a caption. Are you worried by sending in your pic of that trophy buck or huge bull moose, this will give away your secret location? No need to worry! We will post your pics anonymously, with as little info as you like. Your secret is safe with us! HAHA. Really it is…. But please be sure to tell us this is an anonymous entry.

Four (4) Winners will be drawn randomly and announced in January 2014. Plus One (1) Winner/Owner of “The Trail Camera Picture of the Year”, will be chosen by the Outdoor Gazette staff and folks on our Facebook page. The owner of the Picture of the year will receive a Trail Camera that has the capability to text images to your phone! Pretty cool we think…Okay you get one chance to win a random camera for every picture you send in…the limit per person is 20 in a year.

2011 Trail Camera Photo Contest Winners:

Trail Camera Picture of the Year is Dan Green from Lyme, NH

Random Winners – Thomas Flynn from Holderness, NH and Mary Emery from Enfield, NH. It’s a Granite State Sweep!

2012 Trail Camera Photo Contest Winners:

2012 Trail Camera Picture of the Year- Marty Wall from Randolph, Vermont

Random Winners- Robert Drouin from North Andover, Mass and Donald Cooke from Columbia, New Hampshire. this years winners won the Moultrie M80xt.

2013 Trail Camera Photo Contest Winners:

2013 Trail camera picture of the Year – Sean Hall of Minnesota.

Random winners – Patrick Smith from Alabama and Willy Kingsbury of Vermont.

Sponsored by Chadwick’s Trail Cams.