His and Hers

A couple that hunts together……Vermont couple/hunters Rachel and Mike Pierson

So it’s opening day of rifle season here in Vermont. Michael and I are up at 5am and out the door by 5:30. Michael has hunted for about 14 years and I’m only in my 4th year and have yet to shoot my first deer. Now this day started off as a normal morning, only seeing a few does. As 2:00 approaches we decide to head out to our tree stand. We had been sitting in it for about an hour when a deer came in about 75 yards away. I looked at Michael and said; “oh look, a baby is coming in to eat” he pulled his gun up and said to me, “No Rachel, that has horns! It’s a legal buck! Get your crosshairs behind the shoulder and shoot it”, my response was “no way! It’s a baby!” He again told me to pull my gun up and put the crosshairs on it and shoot. After being told a few times I decided to listen to him. I pull my gun up, and after 10 minutes go by I finally have a good shot, and I take it. Mike said I definitely hit it good and we should go find it. We get down to the spot the deer stood and the blood trail was one if the best he had ever seen. 50 yards away lay the deer. I had got my first buck!! A 3 point 112 lb buck!
I think Mike was a bit more excited than I was.
It was only about 3:30, so Mike thought we should sit a little longer. We dragged the deer up to the tree stand and climbed back up. We sat for about 40 minutes and I said we should just leave because I was cold and I really doubted that we would see another deer after all the commotion we had just caused. Mike then explained how deer operate during the rut so I decided we could stay. No more than 5 minutes later a doe walks in right up to where I had just shot that buck. She started browsing and stayed in front of us for a while. She was acting really funny, constantly looking to her right and we could hear something but couldn’t see a thing. Mike kept looking around and I was trying to keep my hands warm when all of the sudden I feel him grab his gun, spin around and before I could prepare myself he fired off a shot! Then another. He stood up and said..”I think I got it! That was a monster buck!” We climb down and walk over to where the deer had stood. We immediately saw blood and hair. We followed the blood trail and at the end if that trail lay a 9 point 179.5 lb buck! Only ran about 50 yards. What a hunt!! We could not believe what had just took place…he gets the biggest buck he’s ever shot and I got my first deer ever! All in about 2 1/2 hours!. We shot 2 bucks from the same tree stand. What luck..

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