One of my hunting buddies, Mark, cleaning the barrel of his shotgun.

Take Care of Your Firearm and It Will Take Care of You

Firearms were used by our ancestors to put food on the table and for defense. Many of us use them for that purpose today. One thing our ancestors knew, and something some More »


Finding Solitude

This time of year I spend a lot of my fishing time on the smaller streams. We are fortunate to have several smaller streams in the Valley, where it is possible to More »

Gerry fishing about a mile up river from the lodge

Idaho – Fishing the St Joe’s

    This is the second part of our August trip to Montana and Idaho; the first part is in the September column Montana – Three Rivers in Three Days. In 2011 More »

Keith Scott-Port Charlotte FL

Snook Haven

September 17th, 2014 started very early. I woke about 3:30 am to prepare for the long day. The boat was already hooked to the truck all of my fishing gear was secured More »

An encouraging trail camera photo.

Using Trail Cameras

Every year throughout late July and the entire month of August I begin seeing all sorts of trail camera photos on social media outlets. Everyone proclaims this buck or that buck is More »

A nice velvet buck we were able to get a picture of.

Scouting the Desert

I’ll admit up front, I wasn’t in the desert, but it sure seemed like it in this new unit I will be calling home for a week in October. I was fortunate More »

Clark Fork trout and guide Clayton.

Montana – Three rivers in three days

   I don’t have a bucket list but one of the things I wanted to do was before the horseback ride to the lodge became an obstacle was to repeat the St. More »

Red and White, the flyfisherman's Daredevil.

In Praise of Pickerel

According to most fly fishers: “If it ain’t got an adipose fin than it ain’t worth fishing for”. Fish belonging to the Salmonidae family, trout, salmon, chars, whitefish and graylings, all of More »

2nd and 3rd axis

This is the Hamskea 3rd axis tool i mentioned.  In my opinion it is worthy of owning at a decent price point

Prior to three years ago I had no idea what 2nd and 3rd axis on a bow sight was. When someone first told me about it I thought to myself, “like that matters”. Well, I’m here to tell you that it does matter and becomes especially important when you’re shooting at any angle opposite of

Uphill Both Ways

Admiring the view, and one of the few downhill sections of trail.

I have never had the opportunity to drive a Porsche, but I can now say that I have pushed a dead one down the road, at a run in 90 plus degrees, no less. We pulled into my parent’s marina (former marina, that is. They had since departed, headed south. I was there to pick

Expect the Whitetail Rut to Earlier Than Last Year

The author, Wayne Laroche, with 190 lb buck taken in Maine on Nov.11, 2013

  Expect the rut to be early this year beginning about October 30th and ending about November 21st. Last year, I predicted timing of the rut to be November 10th to December 1st. I have been predicting the timing of the whitetail rut for the past 15 years with my predictions being printed each year

Days of Summer

Fishing the HEX hatch at dusk

Somehow time slipped away and it’s the end of July. Every year is different and so far the rivers have been holding up better than the past several years. We have not had an extended heat wave; some years we have several. Every week or so we’ve had enough rain to keep the rivers refreshed.

Cormorant Control Showing Results on Lake Champlain

Cormorants perched on dead trees. The birds strip the vegetation to build nests.

The Lake Champlain and Wildlife Management Cooperative made up of Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, New York DEC and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced in early June that work was underway to manage the double crested cormorant population on Lake Champlain. Assisted in the field by staff from U.S. Department of Agriculture’s

Bone Soup

Bone soup

I have a good friend that worked for the Black Widow Bow company in Nixa Missouri. Vern Blitch and his wife Rebecca, lived in Vermont for a short stint before moving to the “Show Me State”. Me and my huntin’ buddies have been to southwest Missouri to hunt with the Blitchs, oh probably 4 or